I've always loved haunted house stories: the mysteries, the mazes, the dark corners, everything. With THE MAIDEN I wanted to tell one from an unique perspective - a twist that would let us play with all the great haunted house tropes and mechanics, but seen through the eyes of someone unexpected.

With every haunted house, we usually follow the young family as they're moving in. I started to wonder, what happened right before that? The real estate agent must have known there was something wrong with it - how could he/she actually go through with the sale?

With the short film, there's only so much time. I think it's dangerous to get into mythology and origins when you only have a couple minutes. I really wanted to focus on the scares as well as building a cool mood. But I kept on writing and sketching - developing the bigger world and mystery of THE MAIDEN.

Right now we're in development with a major studio. I cannot reveal the details because we're still lining things up. What I can say is: I could not have imagined a better team. Stay tuned for more.